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I am a Product leader obsessed with creating the best conditions (process, mindset, direction, culture, roles/responsibilities) for achieving high impact product outcomes. I trained at Pivotal Labs and have spent 15+ years building products for a variety of industries including fintech (Betterment, Current, Fiserv, JPMC), maritime/climate tech (Nautilus Labs), and other sectors (US Airforce, Travelers). 

I specialize in getting product and design orgs working at their best extremely quickly, ultimately leading to better and faster business outcomes. Within months of my joining your organization, expect to see:

☆ meaningful increases in the velocity of software development, coming from improved communication and collaboration amongst the balanced teams
☆ a higher rate of winning bets, resulting from the implementation of validation and experimentation tactics
☆ increases in employee retention across all roles as we build a collaborative, psychologically safe, growth-minded culture, as well as a set of practices that attract and sustain great talent. <4% of my reports have left voluntarily under my leadership. 

The back story:

I began as a product manager in 2008 when I discovered the opportunity to build a payments platform for the underbanked using a sound-based contactless transaction technology for a company called TagPay (think Apple pay for 1990s flip phones). I’ve since joined the early teams of several startups including Betterment, Current, Pattern, and Nautilus helping them to launch and iterate towards product-market fit as well as scale their businesses. I've also spent some years in software development consulting at Pivotal Labs, ProdUX Labs, and Def Method where I've gotten to work with larger enterprise clients such as the US Airforce, JPMC, Fiserv, and Travelers. 

As a product person, I've embraced a human-centric approach to product that leverages research, analytics, and well-designed experiments to discover, test and iterate. I studied Mind Brain and Behavior psychology at Harvard and spent a lot of my time there as a researcher for the Spelke lab for developmental studies. My commitment to rigorous research and experimentation began there, and I launched my career in tech with the conviction that a deep understanding of humans is the basis for building great products and great teams.  ​

In my free time you can find me hiking or skiing in the Hudson Valley, making jewelry and other art projects, cooking, and spending time with friends and family

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