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Konrad Gessler, Product Manager

"Within a few weeks of joining Nautilus Labs, Isabelle transformed the product organization into a high-performing team that released features 2-3x faster. Isabelle implemented agile processes that led to better decision-making and clearer communication with leadership. As her direct report, I always felt that Isabelle had my back and genuinely wanted me to succeed. During our 1/1s, she asked direct questions that opened up new ways to see the problem which often led to better solutions and avoiding blindspots. Last but not least, Isabelle gave me solid advice to advance my career. I learned a ton from her about product leadership which I plan to take with me."

Mike McDearmon, Principal Product Designer

"As VP of Product at Nautilus Labs, Isabelle builds high performance teams that deliver new products quickly, with user value being the central objective. She encourages teams to lean into tough conversations, identify risks early, and develop mitigation pathways. The result is an environment where people are empowered to do their best work, challenge assumptions, and support one another in service of shipping the most impactful products."

Katie Cladis, Senior Product Manager

"I want to be like Isabelle when I grow up. Isabelle was one of the managers and leaders I looked up to the most, and is now a person that I still look up to and seek advice from. She was instrumental in building my skill as a disciplined product person, especially around finding the simplicity in complex situations, honing what's most important in product and team development, finding a voice around when it's okay not to do something, and facilitating productive conversations with conplicated stakeholders. She was able to find a balance of challenging me, while always consistently supporting me. I would recommend Isabelle for any position!"
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