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Creative and artistic expression has always been an important part of my life. I love creating interesting objects, pieces of jewelry, mobiles, paintings, and other works. 

When I was 10 years old I would make and sell beaded trinkets to tourists in La Baule. I noticed that cuter sales-people increased sales and enthusiastically exploited my younger siblings to that end. They were compensated hansomly with jelly beans. 


In high school, I petitioned the athletics department to have jewelry-making fulfill my athletic requirement. I thus became the captain and only player on the varsity beading team. 


During that time I volunteered at a home for abused girls in Costa Rica. Their education had been disrupted and there was very little training available to help them learn valuable skills such as English and typing. I felt that computers and learning software were the best way to help them and decided to sell my jewelry to make this possible.


I found that people were still looking to buy my jewelry after I had reached my fundraising target. So I created a company with my sister and cousin and together we continued to make and sell jewelry. We grew the business through partnerships with local shops and seasonal trunk shows and continued to support women's education by donating a portion of the proceeds to Circle of Women


In college, we partnered with Mercado Global and went to Guatemala to teach women in fair trade cooperatives how to make and design jewelry. 


Luda is a franco-american Yorkshire terrier born in NYC on November 29, 2007. She spent her puppyhood frolicking discreetly on the Harvard Quad (no dogs allowed in dorms).


In September of 2008 Luda made her first trans-atlantic voyage to France where she started her career as Tagattitude's top (and only) office dog. Luda loved Paris for it's art, champagne, cuisine, and sanitation laws (dogs are actually encouraged to go to restaurants). 


But she missed her hometown and simple American pleasures like Halloween and the certainty of left-overs due to oversized portions in restaurants. She yearned for a fast-paced work environment with more people to scratch her belly -- for the occasional pingpong ball gone astray and perhaps other office dogs to play with. 


At Betterment Luda made great friends and adapted well to life in an open space. She spends most days relaxing in her filing cabinet drawer between stand-ups.



Some of my favorite books, articles & resources for product managers and curious humans.

Coming soon perhaps. 

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