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I have helped many startups and enterprise clients improve their product process and adopt a truly lean and agile approach to software development. Each client has their specific set of challenges and I adapt my offering to their needs.


Here are some examples:

  1. Facilitation: I can teach you how to facilitate meetings effectively or come in to facilitate a key meeting for your team. These include: retrospectives, kickoffs/inceptions, alignment and strategy sessions, process assessments, goal setting, and more. 

  2. Coaching: I can work with your product managers and leadership to coach them in a variety of product management best practices grounded in user centered design, lean and agile practices. 

  3. Critiques: I can facilitate design and roadmap critiques helping you to tap into your own team to understand how to improve your product design and strategy.


Understanding user needs, behaviors, and motivations is key to discovering and building great products. User research is the art and science of developping this understanding and leveraging it to build a compelling product and great experience. 

Here are some of the services I provide:

  1. Opportunity discovery: Some of the most valuable product ideas are discovered through observing and empathizing with users. Generative user interviews, diary/field studies, and a variety of other methods are used to discover new opportunities. 

  2. Idea validation: Don't build the wrong thing! An evaluative research plan is devised to test your hypothesis and uncover erroneous assumptions and unforseen factors that may shape your decisions on what to build and how to build it. 

  3. User experience assessment: Whether you've identified a specific problem area or are looking to improve your user's experience holistically, usability studies, focus groups, and interaction data analysis can help identify opportunities for delivering a better experience to your users. 

  4. Research critique: The only thing more dangerous than no research is bad research. I help teams make sure that they are asking the right questions, to the right people, using the right methods to ensure that your research findings are valid and actionable. I can also partner with research teams to assist in the interpretation and analysis of research findings. 

I tailor each research plan to your needs and collaborate closely with you and your teams throughout the process. I typically charge an hourly rate and consider project-based quotes on a case by case basis.

Schedule a free kickoff meeting to discuss your needs. 

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